November 15, 2016


How to play:

Step 1: Watch the Visual X Studio Unseen video.
Step 2: Pay close attention for any of the items (coffee cup, earth, camera, etc) Reference the Banner Key.
Step 3: When you see any of the items appear on-screen during the video,simply pause the video to interact.

Step 4: Click on the item you found.
Step 5: Repeat until you find and click at least 3 of the 6 items.
Step 6: Once you have found and clicked the items you Win! (You will be prompted to add details)

Step 7. THE UNSEEN IMAGE. This one you’ll have to find on your own. Find it, click it, and you’ll be eligible for a secret prize tonight!
Step 7: Also, please enter your name and email address to submit your entry to win a Pappalecco gift card!


WowYow is a video ad-tech company that offers products and services to Publishers and Advertisers who are looking to enhance their Digital Video Strategy.
By leveraging WowYow’s innovative and proprietary technology our clients are able to deeper engage their audience, monetize video content and gain access to in-depth user analytics.
WowYow’s Interactive Video Game application is one offering that captures viewers attention and incentives them to interact with the content on screen. This application has helped publishers increase time on site and generate new leads.