October 26, 2016


Studio Unseen is the offspring of 3rdSpace, Club For The Creative, which, over the past 4 years, has provided pro bono support to inventors, through training, mentorship, manufacturing tours to Tijuana, consultation and workshops. We’ve provided different levels of support to Kickstarters campaigns, including our monthly Meetups, whose members have collectively generated well over 2 million dollars. Our Inventors Club has a 75% success rate on its crowdfunding campaigns, vs the national average of 25% for campaigns above 10K (of which our’s were categorized).

Studio Unseen is, as the name suggests, a creative studio that has truly never been seen. And, no, that’s not “for good reason.” Or, at least we hope not.  We’ve worked pretry damn hard over the past several years building a much needed and current model for a very different age of marketing. Particularly product development.  And it’s worked GREAT.  Simply put, the rules have changed. Ano we’ve been paying close attention.

We ourselves have shifted towards product development, and will be working in concert with a select group of clients, to whom we’ll provide the same talent and services in which we’re investing for our own products.  We’re looking to provide this expertise, and to pursue common goals with compaines whose aspirations and principles are similar to our own. It’s kinda like our own inhouse marketing department.

We curate all our talent from a large network of creative and analytic professionals with whom we’re well acquainted and whose uncommon talent and professionalism is tried and true. This includes exceptional video production, created in our own state-of-the-art production studio.

Here’s the who, what, and with whom we hope to be more:

We’re looking to develop a working relationship with a select group of product development companies to whom we will devote our fullest attention and talent to achieve their highest and best results.

We’ll continue to refine our disciplined and comprehenisve Kickstarter and post Kickstarter marketing framework, and to perfect our model, which is arguably the best in San Diego for product development. It’s a very unique approach we use, but one proven to yield optimal results. Even Kickstarter itseslf reached out to us to offer further support to our exemplary efforts.

We use the highest standard of collaboration througout the marketing process, requiring every creative professional involved, including the inventor, to participate in this process.

We take data analytics more seriously than anyone in town. This is “money ball” to us, and it should be to our clients. This is fully integrated into every step of our marketing strategy.

We seek the maximum efficiency, for ourselves and our clients. None of us have money or time to waste, and we won’t waste your’s. Getting the best bang out of every buck is essential. This is our goal for all of us working together.

We curate our marketing and analytic teams by selecting only those with whom we have known and worked, and who meet an uncommon standard of professionalism and true expertise. Too many inventors discover that the first pitfall is the ones they hire to avoid pitfalls.  We hope not to be one of those.

Lastly, we curate the clients also. Not because we’re assholes who think too highly of ourselves; we simply won’t compromise the results for our clients, or create an opportunity cost for ourselves, by not optimizing the use our limited resources of time and talent.  Our objective is not to scale a marketing agency, but, rather, to scale our own product business with others.