October 26, 2016


STUDIO UNSEEN is the offspring of 3rdSpace, Club For The Creative.  We’ve been a creative hub for over 7 years, with a rich tradition of photography and video production.  In 2016 we decided to sharpen our focus by building a community of high caliber videoagraphers, photographers, producers, animators, and those in Technology/Entertainment/Design (TED).

We’re now home to some of the most important leaders in these industries, including The Film Consortiom, Tonight in San Diego, TEDxSanDiego and APA San Diego, and are seeking others to come join us.Oh, and we went and built ourselves a KILLER STUDIO!  So there’s that…

And If you’re looking to hire some of our true pros, please let us know; we’ll hook you up with our own crew, or recommend one best suited for your project.

As a final note, we have several videographers who specialize in Kickstarter videos, and even have a product development team, which produces and markets its own innovative products. READ MORE.

We think you’ll agree… this is a studio such as you’ve never seen, making the unseen and unending ideas of the mind….matter.